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The laser tube is pretty and glowy, it deserves to be seen when in operation. So we need to mod the laser cutter to allow that.

Thinking cut holes in the back cover flap and rivet perspex in place.


Perspex should block out any UV and IR the tube kicks out.


Someone who knows what they are doing with metal working (not me --Eb4890 13:13, 17 February 2011 (UTC))


For material purchase only. Measure again before cutting. Length: 113.7cm Top width: 11.8cm Back width: 13.4cm

Curve width: 2.5 inches - not the most useful of measurements I'll take better when the laser cutter is not being used.


Ordered 3 A3 4mm panels.

So planning 2 420 mm panels or 3 smaller ones.

Need to check rivets and rivetting tools in stock, to see if they are sufficient. Glue as well?