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timm will also order from Steffen some sportsets which are made from Majestic. There are two different beginner's sportsets:

  1. the PXP-15 (basic)
The Majestic PXP-15 Sportset
  1. the PXP-10 (more advanced)
The Majestic PXP-10 Sportset

Please see for more details.

These seem to be $25-35 on the Internet, but Steffen will get the best possible price. He will likely also throw in a few goodies too (extra tension tools and extra picks) -- after all, he knows exactly what lockpickers need!

Who wants Majestic PXP-15?

  • v21 *2
  • Tom
  • Andrew Cousins

Who wants Majestic PXP-10?