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Maker Faire UK 2011 is on the 12th and 13th of March 2011 in Newcastle.

We'll be heading up on the Friday night and going on a Hackspace pub crawl with all the other Hackspaces.

Who's going?

  • JimM - Saying in the Swallow Hotel (since it had parking)
  • Jonty
  • Russ
  • Bob/b3cft Cannot make it :'(
  • Oni
  • Elliot
  • SamLR
  • Solexious While I can't drive I would love to be on the team taking the hack van up
  • Nigle Staying at the Clifton House Hotel, room in car for gear/people
  • Mark
  • Spike - Staying in Jurys Inn which claims to be "2 mins walk from central station" but does not have private parking :-(.
  • Rain - Decided to get train - before tix get really expensive, if there is a van would like to put my mannequin in there if room allows
  • Bugs - Hopefully have some DIYbio stuff to show? I'll try to think of some quickish experiments...
  • earthshine - Have room for 2 in the car as long as you aren't going to take up lots of luggaeg. Going Friday daytime - coming back Sunday evening/night.

What are we doing?

We will be running the hack area, where everyone can sit and tinker/hack. We shall have to take tools & equipment for people to use.

Individual presentations

Some members have applied to individually present:

  • The Battenberg (An autonomous airship) - Russ/Jonty
  • A steam-powered turing machine - JimM (sadly, unlikely to be actually steam-powered unless the venue permits it)
  • I am exhibiting separately from Hackspace area: Twinkle Tartiflette, I <3 0X0 (interactive wearables / sound / game artworks) and possibly Grand Cat Turismo if I have time to finish! - Rain


Train is the quickest way, from King's Cross straight to Newcastle. Some of us may be bringing more equipment, so may need to hire a van or car.

  • JimM will likely be hiring an estate car, but setting off from Cambridge rather than London.