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The London Hackspace had a 12 metre SCAM-12 dismountable mast. It's the easier, smaller radio-centric of its bigger older sibling, the Clark 63/100Trailer Mast.

(this page work in progress - JJ)


Clark SCAM-12 Mast Specifications
Make Clark Masts
Model SCAM-12 Mast

Modern Commercial Variant is the WT 12-8 TP

Age Manufactured during the 1980s/90s
Extended Height 12m (36')
Antenna Attachment 40mm socket
Maximum Recommended Headload 35 kgs
Maximum Safe Windspeed 144 km/hr if guyed
Picket Radius 6.9 metres
Time to Extend 180 seconds with no headload
Time to Retract 75 seconds

Work Required

As at Sep 2015

Things to procure

  • 8 x Fischer Bolts for 4 mounting legs - 12mm (14?) [also for base]
  • Stub for top of mast (39 inner perhaps 40, 57 outer)
  • 20+ metres of feeder cable (UHF and HF feeders)
  • Post-level (bubble indicator)
  • LED strips and Swarovski crystals for decorations
  • Pneumatic stuff:
    • hoses
    • connectors
    • electric compressor

Things to do

  • Fit legs to mast and fit bolts to ground
  • Balance mast for easy erection
  • run cable between mast top (fully erect) and shack

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