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Update - June 6th

Following the most successful Nanode Weekend - here are some latest developments:

Over the two days we had approximately 30 people take part and we built up approximately 30 Nanode kits.

Even though there were some initial nerves about soldering such a kit, every member succeeded to a high standard, and none of the Nanodes produced, failed to perform because of poor assembly. This was a crash course in neat-soldering and everyone who took part deserves a medal for merit.

The biggest difficulty was on Saturday because some of the kits contained the wrong 10ohm and 1 ohm resistors. In poor light it was almost impossible to tell the difference between the silver and gold final bands. In later kits the 1 ohm is marked with a black pen stripe horizontally through its bandolier strip.


The initial pledge was more than 25% oversubscribed.

Some weeks ago, in early April we though we might sell 25 Nanodes, then possibly 40 or 50 as the pledge gathered momentum. We took a risk and settled on 100. Then in a rash move Ken decided that 125 might be a better number. We ended up with 145 pcbs as a contingency plan.

Second Wave - Nanode booking List

We have sold all of the batch of 125 and have just ordered another 80 more.

In order that Hackspace members don't miss out on the initial offering, a further 30 units will be available to LHS members and friends under the original terms of £18 per kit. Please contact @monsonite on Twitter for an update to availability.

Put your name here to secure one or more of the next batch of Nanodes - scheduled for the end of June.

Debbie Does Dallas - but Nanode Does OggCamp and Brighton Mini Maker Faire

Catch us at all of the above events - except perhaps for Dallas.

OggCamp August 13th/14th Farnborough Maltings

Brighton MMF 3rd September

Nanode Goes Wireless

A couple of Nanodes have been fitted with wireless modules and are undergoing alien autopsy experimentation deep in the bowels of the Mother Ship. In other words Ken and Nick are dicking around with 433 MHz wireless on the Nanode using the JeeLabs breakout board.