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Black 'Something' Boxes

Text Dumps

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Ct-730 Wimax-Wifi Wireless Router CEEDTec's CT-730 is a true WiMAX-WiFi (WiWi) wireless access router. It supports both the wireless WiFi 802.11b/g and Ethernet 10/100Mbps interfaces. Our CT-730 offers instantaneous multi-user Internet access over a WiFi connection. Being a true wireless solution, fixed telephone line or DSL cable connection is NOT needed. It is designed with ease of use in mind. As a true plug and play wireless network solution - users only need to power it up (*authentication mode dependent) to create an instant internet hotspot or home wireless network. Our CT-730 also offers a simple and intuitive web based configuration interface.

CEED Tec mPCI-mPCIe-M1-EB miniPCI to miniPCIexpress interface board with SIM for UMTS-modules CEED Tec USB-mPCIe-M1-EB USB to miniPCIexpress cradle with SIM for UMTS modules CEED Tec USB-mPCIe-M2-EB USB to miniPCIexpress cradle with SIM for UMTS modules - model 2

Silk Screen




  • serial port
  • usb
  • JTAG (might be able to use buspirate)


  • MIPS or ARM (not an atom)
  • NXP ISP 1564HL

Link Dump