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Project Identification using QR Codes

Members samthetechie
QR code


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Attach printed-out QR codes to each project. That QR code will contain a link to the relevant project page on the wiki.


Attach printed-out QR codes to each piece of equipment: usage log, datasheets, consumable (e.g. blades, drill bits) order codes / suppliers.


Project boxes and projects in the hackspace.


Look on the noticeboard for a little bag of QR codes. Any project that was listed on the Projects page on 4th August has been printed out (project name is in pencil on the reverse).


This will facilitate collaboration as everyone can then find the most relevant wiki page for that project quickly.


Current project collaborators: samthetechie


I will use the google charts API (credit to jonty for the recommend). That will generate the QR code images.

Version 2.0

A new revision to this idea is being developed here.