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Project Identification using QR Codes

QR code


1. Enable links to external images to allow images hosted on an external website (e.g. the QR codes) to be displayed:

1.1 Less secure way: allow all images$wgAllowExternalImages

1.2 more secure way: all images from this site:$wgAllowExternalImagesFrom

2. Add this the Extension to embed RSS feeds:


Attach printed-out QR codes to each project. That QR code will contain a link to the relevant project page on the wiki.


Project boxes and projects in the hackspace.


With any luck from 4th August onwards. I will print out a test batch.


This will facilitate collaboration as everyone can then find the most relevant wiki page for that project quickly.


You guys.


I will use the google charts API (credit to jonty for the recommend). That will generate the QR code images.