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=== BoM ===
=== BoM ===
<!--some table?-->
<!--some table?-->
*(any SOT-23-5 +3V3 voltage regulator)
*TPS73033DBVT (any SOT-23-5 +3V3 voltage regulator)
*10nF 0805
*10nF 0805
*2.2uF 1206
*2.2uF 1206

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[[|Sanguinololu Thermocouple]]
Created 03/11/2012
Version 1
Members Pinski1
Project Status Awaiting PCBs
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I wanted to add a thermocouple to my 3D printer's hot end. Ideally it would improve the quality of my printed objects as it would provide more accurate temperature readings with greater immunity from electronic noise generated by the stepper motors.


The PCB I have designed has the following features:

  • Fits onto the expansion headers already present on the Sanguinololu
  • Adds a MAX31855 temperature sensing chip
  • Enables temperature readings between -750degC and +1350degC +-2degC
  • Has a resolution of 0.25degC



Eagle 5.11 file:

PCB Layout

Eagle 5.11 file:


  • MAX31855K
  • TXB0104D
  • TPS73033DBVT (any SOT-23-5 +3V3 voltage regulator)
  • 10nF 0805
  • 2.2uF 1206
  • 2x5 way female socket


How to Build