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ACServer is the access control server that is used by ACNodes (work it out!) to query weather the owner of a presented rfid card has access to the tool and what level of access he/she has. The codebase lives on our github repo.


  • All issues on the ascerver repository.
  • Code a web ui for adding tools/maintainers/nodes (mentar+levi?)

Current deployment

  • acserver:1234 current install, purpose built VM running on lamarr.
  • babbage:1234 legacy install only used by the 3-in-1 acnode, which was the first revision

Web UI improvement


  • Authenticate the user (best done by extending the current member website codebase)
  • For users with no permissions:
    • Look up the state of the tools and if they are currently in use
  • For users with normal permissions:
    • Same as non-permissioned users
  • For users with maintainer permissions:
    • Review the log of people who have used the machine
    • Mark the equipment out of order
    • Assign new maintainers
    • Temporarily suspend users from access to tools
  • ACServer maintainers
    • Add new tools
    • Assign maintainers to tools