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ACServer is the access control server that is used by ACNodes (work it out!) to query weather the owner of a presented rfid card has access to the tool and what level of access he/she has. The codebase lives on our github repo.


  • All issues on the ascerver repository.

Current deployment

  • acserver:1234 current install, purpose built VM running on landin.


The acserver permission database is synced with our membership database every XXX minutes.

The application itself is in /var/www/acserver and relies on the local postgres database to work properly also it uses the nginx webserver so make sure that is running too.

Deployment of the acserver-django code is managed by the hackspaces ansible playbook, don't edit anything directly on the VM!

Useful logs:

`/var/log/acserver/django.log`: logs from the django code `/var/log/nginx/acserver_1234_access.log`: logs from the port 1234 listener on nginx, useful for checking what nodes are doing, the other nginx logs in that directory are useful.

Web UI improvement


This all needs checking against the current state of the code. The acserver-django code uses the hackspaces LDAP infrastructure for authentication and checks group membership(?) for (?).

  • For users with no permissions:
    • Look up the state of the tools and if they are currently in use
  • For users with normal permissions:
    • All access that no permissions grant
  • For users with maintainer permissions:
    • All access that normal permissions grant
    • Review the log of people who have used the machine
    • Mark the equipment out of order
    • Assign new maintainers
    • Temporarily suspend users from access to tools
  • ACServer maintainers
    • All access that maintainer permissions grant
    • Add new tools
    • Assign maintainers to tools