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Revision as of 19:07, 27 March 2015 by JasperWallace (talk | contribs) (ditch the Appian / mach64 stuff, there's no point using the cards.)
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A Sort of a tree made of VESA mount arms with screens on it.




User:Sci and User:JasperWallace and you as well!


Work in progresss, more screens and the means to drive them needed.

Looking on ebay the NVS280 is one choice of PCI card, the NVS400 gives 4 outputs and may be more cost effective. Splitter cables are an issue tho (these are DMS-59 splitters, the connector on the card is NOY DVI tho it looks a lot like it) :/

The PC is a bit dodgy, I think the ram is not quite right for it.