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A meta-art instalation at the London Hackspace. It is an artpiece composed of other artpieces contributed by the community.

A sort of a tree made of VESA mount arms with screens on them. There is a slight outwards taper to the arrangement toward the top.


The VESA bracket/screen interface uses M4x10mm bolts, the hex socket at the ends of the arms for adjusting the angle needs a 7mm hex key.

The upright stem is strapped to the building pillar with brackets. This is a work-around, as the landlords agreement would not allow drilling large enough holes in the floor or ceiling.

Do not tamper with the support brackets or height positions of the VESA arms. The arms use shims to fit the stem and they may fall out if adjusted.

The top two sets of arms have been specially modified for extra reach, meaning their weight limit is extremely low. Currently being considered for VESA-mount LED lights or as a position to hang "vines" from.


Art. (Don't question the art).


User:Sci, User:JasperWallace, User:Jay and you as well!


Suggested content for screens

Non-screen content

Anything lightweight and VESA-mount is permissable. Possible examples include;

  • Dioramas
  • Artwork


Work in progress.

Applications to drive existing contributed screens are welcome.

Multi-head PCs

To drive multiple syncronised feeds to several screens at once.

Looking on ebay the NVS280 is one choice of PCI card, the NVS400 gives 4 outputs and may be more cost effective. Splitter cables are an issue tho (these are DMS-59 splitters, the connector on the card is NOT DVI tho it looks a lot like it) :/


Here is a key to whose work is displayed in what position, and what positions are free to use.

Pos. Left side Right side
1 Reserved
Do not use
Do not use
2 Dell E173FPc
1280 x 1024, VGA
Dell E176FPm
1280 x 1024, VGA
3 Dell E176FPc
1280 x 1024, VGA
Dell 1708FPf
1280 x 1024, DVI & VGA
4 Dell E170FPf
1024 x 768, DVI & VGA
Compaq LCD
"Dead Pixels" by Sci
5 Dell E170FPb
1280 x 1024, DVI & VGA, USB pwr
Dell 1908FPc
1280 x 1024, DVI & VGA
6 NEC 2070VX-BK
1600 x 1200, DVI & VGA
Dell 1708FPf
1280 x 1024, DVI & VGA
ISS Display
7 Dell E173FPf
1280 x 1024, VGA
Dell 1901FP
1280 x 1024, DVI & VGA
8 Dell 1901FP
1280 x 1024, DVI & VGA
1024 x 768, VGA
9 Philips 15054
1024 x 768, VGA
Philips 180B2
1280 x 1024, VGA
10 Acer AL1716
1280 x 1024, DVI & VGA
HP L1906
1280 x 1024, VGA
11 Dell 1905FP
1280 x 1024, DVI & VGA
Dell 1708FPf
1280 x 1024, DVI & VGA
12 Unoccupied Dell E15FPp
1024x768, VGA

== Flush or recessed VESA bracket

Pos. Left side Right side
1 n/a n/a
2 r r
3 r r
4 r f / n/a
5 r r
6 f r
7 r r
8 r f
9 f f
10 f r
11 r f
12 n/a f

Totals: 13 recessed, 7 flush

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