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(Event venues)
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===Data centers===
===Data centers===
* Somewhere near [http://www.thebunker.net/colocation/facilities/ash/ The Bunker]?
* Somewhere near [http://www.thebunker.net/colocation/facilities/ash/ The Bunker]?
* There is a [http://www.datacentermap.com/ data centre map]
===Event venues===
===Event venues===

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The biggest challenge is to find a decent site with the ability to get hold of a good (at least 100meg) internet connection.

  • it's possible to rent a connection via satellite for a reasonable price. An event I recently attended had a commercial video photographer using one, and it wasn't a big-bucks setup by any means. Afaicr he had at least 10meg but more may be possible - he considered it feasible for connecting communities, not just for single temporary use. Site equipment included a smallish dish on a trailer. Artag.
    • Satellite Internet has high latency, 10-20x that of a normal connection. Robert 07:22, 17 August 2011 (UTC)
    • I thought that was the case, but the connection was made available for use and I didn't find it a problem. Perhaps I wasn't very demanding and put any delays down to the shared use, but it was by no means as bad as I expected.
      • It definitely does - the laws of physics demand it! Also satellite tops out at about 10 meg best-case. Russ 08:30, 17 August 2011 (UTC)
    • The Multiplay events manage it (though they're held at a racecourse, but they have camping.). tomwardill.
      • Something like a racecouse/track or airbase that's geared up for events already would be a good place to start looking Ms7821 08:02, 17 August 2011 (UTC)

Similar events

Have a chat with the organisers for their experiences

  • Barncamp
  • Dork camp
  • Maker Faire (including Brighton on 3rd September)?
  • HAR 2009
  • CCC Camp 2011
  • Multiplay

Possible sites

Priority is to be near/connected to a good Internet pipe.

Data centers

Event venues

Rejected sites