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The biggest challenge is to find a decent site with the ability to get hold of a good (at least 100meg) internet connection.

  • it's possible to rent a connection via satellite for a reasonable price. An event I recently attended had a commercial video photographer using one, and it wasn't a big-bucks setup by any means. Afaicr he had at least 10meg but more may be possible - he considered it feasible for connecting communities, not just for single temporary use. Site equipment included a smallish dish on a trailer. Artag.
    • Satellite Internet has high latency, 10-20x that of a normal connection. Robert 07:22, 17 August 2011 (UTC)
    • I thought that was the case, but the connection was made available for use and I didn't find it a problem. Perhaps I wasn't very demanding and put any delays down to the shared use, but it was by no means as bad as I expected.
      • It definitely does - the laws of physics demand it! Also satellite tops out at about 10 meg best-case. Russ 08:30, 17 August 2011 (UTC)
    • The Multiplay events manage it (though they're held at a racecourse, but they have camping.). tomwardill.
      • Something like a racecouse/track or airbase that's geared up for events already would be a good place to start looking Ms7821 08:02, 17 August 2011 (UTC)

Similar events

Have a chat with the organisers for their experiences

  • Barncamp
  • Dork camp
  • Maker Faire (including Brighton on 3rd September)?
  • HAR 2009
  • CCC Camp 2011
  • Multiplay

Site Requirements

Definitely Need

  • Fast net connection (probably 100meg)
  • Camping space for 500-1000 people (1-2 hectares, 2.5-5 acres)

Would be nice

  • Indoor space for lectures / NOC
  • Easy access for building the site
  • Nearby train stations/public transport routes
  • Shops and other facilities nearby
  • Mains power

Possible sites

Priority is to be near/connected to a good Internet pipe.

Data centers

  • Somewhere near The Bunker?
    • i'd say The Bunker site itself, there's plenty of green space. Newbury/Greenham Common site may be more central not sure of their acreage there tho. -- mikepea

Event venues

  • Donington!
  • Multiplay have used Newbury racecourse in the past, had camping and fast internets.
  • The Observatory Science Centre
    • The closest exchange is 1 mile away and is not unbundled.
  • Charvil - FTTC in surrounding area
  • Newbury West - FTTC in surrounding area
  • Whitcurch - FTTC in surrounding area
  • Bovingdon Airfield - Cable in surrounding area
  • Essex University - They regularly hire out large areas for events and have an insanely huge net pipe which we should be able to hook into (HAL done similar in 2001) - also possibly any other university campuses we might be able to use
  • Debden House - They have a very large campsite with power hookup for tents (relaxed rules), an in door conference centre, easy to drive to, but just outside of London with good public transport links.

Rejected sites