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Our most frequently used extension - the back gate visitor phone
Cisco 7970 - the most common IP phone in the space

A few members had been interested in playing with VOIP/SIP things, mostly involving connecting the space phone line to the internet and doing voice menus, sip accounts for members, group chat, joining the Hackerspaces Call in, getting linked up to other hackspaces, etc.

Functional features:

  • Internal dialing between floors (really easy rather than going back and forth back and forth to talk with someone / do something)
  • External calls get prompts for information and membership services and Lenny (please note that telephone extensions can be called from the main prompt)
  • Doorbell-style ringtone on phone rings when back-gate visitors call ('doorbell ringer' zombie-phone is located above Electronics lab)
  • Conference room function (mainly extension 4225)
  • Weather-Resistant Outdoor Phones - GAI-Tronics Titan for Rail and Commander User and Installation Guide
    • Back Door phone now with Robonaut integration - IRC users informed when a delivery call is made and also when not answered.
  • Toll-Free Outgoing dialing (0800 style numbers) / Banned dialing for others
  • General public information provided via menu (address, nearest tube/train stops, membership information pointing to the website)
  • Easy networking to other Hackspaces - possibly explore Spacephone networking and others
  • Dialing of Emergency numbers (101/111/112/999) (Please be aware that in the event of a power cut, hardware issue etc the phones will not work. Please use a mobile, or the payphone situated on Hackney Road)

Current extensions/ locations (specific locations to be appropriately and tastefully determined:

  • 6000 - 1st Floor Kitchen
  • 6001 - 1st Floor Prototyping

PABX System details:

  • System Platform: Hosted on Bell a managed Virtual Machine running on Landin with incoming calls.
  • Phones are Cisco 7970G SIP handsets running G722 and the back door phone is a surplus analogue GAI-TRONICS Titan for Rail outdoor linesman phone and GAI-Tronics Commander both attached to a single Cisco ATA186 being powered over PoE using an Avaya 1603 700415607 PoE power splitter/injector.
  • OS: Linux with tftpd and httpd service enabled for phones that need to boot and load config files over tftp, LHS logo screen graphics, etc.
  • PHONE SW: Asterisk 13.14.1 - no longer needing DAHDI as we've stopped using the TDM400 Digium FXO ports.
  • EXTERNAL VOICE GENERATION: Voice prompt files generated using AWS Polly text to speech API.
  • CONFIG NOTE: Custom configs/scripts to be shared confidentially as they contain passwords.
  /etc/asterisk         - Asterisk dialplan rules and configs
  /etc/dahdi            - Our hardware telephony connection configs
  /var/spool/asterisk   - Voicemails / CDR log storage
  /tftpboot             - Phone firmware, ringtones, XML configs
  /usr/share/asterisk/sounds/en_US_f_Allison/lhs   - LHS prompts/buildscript ( may be outdated with API calls)

Infrastructure needs/Future uses:

  • Mini-XML applications for the phones (weather, IRC info, relevant member info)
  • Enable emergency all-page public address functionality
  • Connect with other Hackspaces

Kraptv commented about some possible concerns about disturbing the peace:

If people are annoyed at the phones ringing - they can press the "Do Not Disturb" button and it won't ring. In this design - I am mindful to keep a productive peace - I helped implement the phone system at a large cartoon company and was mindful to the variety of edge cases and balancing of sensitive users vs. collaborative users.

If it is completely crap and everyone hates it, we can scrap it easily and say 'man, corded phones are so 90's! Good riddance!' - but there are still many valid uses and an example of fun infrastructure enhancement. Noone is obligated to answer the phone. Noone has to touch it. It's a co-operative, not some sort of business that has a telephone response service level agreement. ;-)

And finally - use it, play with it, and hack on it to make it better!

Dial 020 3422 0547 to call the LHS phone system, please contact Marrold or email the london-hack-space-infrastructure mailing list.