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Please use the Project: namespace and tag your page with the Projects category when making a link to a new project. Also consider posting a photo/link on the LHS blog.

See also Sauce code.

Projects documented on this wiki

See Category:Projects for projects not linked below.

Energy Consumption Monitoring

AGUK Trophy - Building a trophy for the national air guitar competition


#HPAMaker's RepRap


Wall Art and Hackspace Beautification

Project Identification using QR Codes

Jacob's ladder

IM-Me - hacking the silly purple things

O2 - getting the SGI machine working.

PizzaPrinter - An insane concept for a printer that prints pizzas.

Race Track - More insanity

Reprap Prusa

Multi-point touch screen

Magneto Hydrodynamic Engine

CNC Mill

Ubuntu Goblin

IRC Terminal


Turing Machine Mechanical Turing Machine

hackspace monorail


Hackvan - The Toyota campervan

Vacuum former - Making our own

HackSat One - our very own satellite via KickSat

Ball Computer - An over-ambitious project to make a computer out of ball bearings (it started with water)

Loom - Weaving started the industrial revolution. What better project for a hackspace ?

Pop Up TV Studio Show - A never ending live edit audio video project

Passive cooled PC case - A prototype silent running high-end desktop PC with no moving parts

Projects/GingeryFurnace - Melting metal with a furnace made from junk


Candela - A Java API for controlling home lighting systems - initially those made by Rako.

Software defined radio

Reverse Engineering the software for the laser cutter

Inventory system for the hackspace

LHS Graphs and Visualizations

LayserCake - A script for splitting images so we can use the laser cutter to engrave them in greyscale.

Project:TrainSIM - reverse engineering Microsoft Trainsim to allow AI control, etc.


Main page found here: biohacking


3D Scanning - Various reviews and builds of software and hardware to scan and reproduce 3D objects

Wet stuff

Brewing Beer - An ongoing project of delicious proportions

PCB Making - Printed Circuit Board Howto

PCB Etch Tank - Etch tank for PCB making

DIY Hazardous Disposal - Chemical Hacking

Open soft drinks


Arcade machine - Information regarding the arcade machine in the back room

Circuits - An index of electronic circuits

Bifferboards - Getting the bifferboards working.

BigClock - The ex-railways (?) big lcd clock screen thing

HM55B - compass module

K3520 - SMS interface

OsmocomBB - GSM baseband

USB Group & Workshops - Information about the USB Group.

The Dispatcher Consoles - pinouts and how to talk to them.

The LHS HRS - hopefully a ham radio station with voice and digital mode capabilities

Network Bandwidth Meter - a network bandwidth meter and display for the space.


HackSpace Robotics Development Platform - HSRDP is an attempt to provide a robotics platform for the hackspace to allow people to experiment with higher level robotics functions

PCB Drill - converting an old cnc engraver into a pcb drill.

CD-ROM Miniplotter - a mini plotter for PCBs hacked together from two CD-ROM drives and a few pieces of acrylic.


Notification Board - The LED display in the space

LCD display - library for the LED display

Alpha transceivers - cheapish wireless communication

OpenSocaTester - [working title] - An arduino-based multi-core cable tester

WiiMX - An arduino-based movement controller for moving lights

Ethernet Arduino - Building Ethernet enabled Arduino boards.

  • Could we do a PCB-making + soldering workshop to make a bunch of Nanduinos instead since that's a hackspace project? JasperWallace
  • I'm happy to help with making Nanduinos, but unless you really want to DIY, I recommend [Teensy] & [Bumble-B] which are similar. ChrisMc

YAAC - Yet Another Arduino Clone.

Projects/4 In A Row - Donation Box A donations box for the space.

UACs - Unashamed Arduino Clones.

LED Cube - small and simple LED Cube

Bloodbowl Scoreboard

Word Clock


Tgimboej - The Great Internet Migratory Box Of Electronics Junk


Projects Idea List


Hackspace Challenges

Interviews with Hackspace members

Young Hackspace


Touchscreen Synthesizer
Music Hack Space: contains list of projects

External articles

External showcase links

These are links to people's galleries (on flicker, youtube, etc), as opposed to specific project articles. 
Hackspace Flickr group
Tom Wyatt's youtube channel