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''See [[Special:PrefixIndex/Projects/]] for projects not linked from here.''
''See [[Special:PrefixIndex/Projects/]] for projects not linked from here.''
[[Projects/25-hpamakers-reprap #HPAMaker's RepRap]]

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See also Sauce code. Please use "Projects/ProjectTitle" when making a link to a new project.

Projects documented on this wiki

See Special:PrefixIndex/Projects/ for projects not linked from here.

Projects/25-hpamakers-reprap #HPAMaker's RepRap


Wall Art and Hackspace Beautification

Project Identification using QR Codes

Jacob's ladder

IM-Me - hacking the silly purple things

O2 - getting the SGI machine working.

PizzaPrinter - An insane concept for a printer that prints pizzas.

Race Track - More insanity

Multi-point touch screen

Magneto Hydrodynamic Engine

CNC Mill

Ubuntu Goblin


Candela - A Java API for controlling home lighting systems - initially those made by Rako.

Software defined radio

Inventory system for the hackspace

Wet stuff

HomeBrew - fermentation

PCB Making - Printed Circuit Board Howto

PCB Etch Tank - Etch tank for PCB making

DIY Hazardous Disposal - Chemical Hacking

Open soft drinks


Projects/ArcadeMachine - Information regarding the arcade machine in the back room

Projects/Electronic_Circuits - An index of electronic circuits

Projects/Bifferboard - Getting the bifferboards working.

Projects/HM55B - compass module


Notification Board - The LED display in the space

LCD display - library for the LED display

Alpha transceivers - cheapish wireless communication

OpenSocaTester - [working title] - An arduino-based multi-core cable tester

WiiMX - An arduino-based movement controller for moving lights

Ethernet Arduino - Building Ethernet enabled Arduino boards.

  • Could we do a PCB-making + soldering workshop to make a bunch of Nanduinos instead since that's a hackspace project? JasperWallace
  • I'm happy to help with making Nanduinos, but unless you really want to DIY, I recommend [Teensy] & [Bumble-B] which are similar. ChrisMc

YAAC - Yet Another Arduino Clone.

Projects/4 In A Row - Donation Box A donations box for the space.

UACs - Unashamed Arduino Clones.

LED Cube - small and simple LED Cube


Tgimboej - The Great Internet Migratory Box Of Electronics Junk

Lock picking


External links

Nanduino - Tiny and cheap AVR microcontroller board designed for the Hackspace PCB workshop

Electronic Circuits - Git Repository

Concurrency.cc board - Freeduino that runs off 1 AA cell (actually not related to hackspace - just a cool arduino)

Dongleduino (< £5 arduino, native USB): http://icrobotics.co.uk/wiki/index.php?title=Dongleduino

CLI build environment for Arduino

Wifi aerial

Possible collaboration?