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* [[User:SamLR|Sam(LR)]]
* [[User:SamLR|Sam(LR)]]
* [[User:Jonty|Jonty]]
* [[User:Jonty|Jonty]]
* [[User:Ms7821|Mark]]
==Articles Of Interest==
==Articles Of Interest==

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Reading Group

Members bfields, Sam Cook,
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A group gathering to discuss articles of interest. Any article that might be compelling (or flame inspiring) is welcome.


To be determined, nominally the group will start with monthly meetings and go from there. If you have a strong opinion about date and time, voice it on the discussion page, or the mailing list.


Our space in Hoxton, probably the quiet room.


If you have an interest in attending/selecting reading material stick your name here.

Articles Of Interest

Potential reading material. If possible, link to the article outside the paywall Google Scholar is useful for find open access copies of things. Please sign.