Redsands Sea Fort Visit

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The Redsands Sea Forts are WWII relics located in the Thames Estuary. They've recently been opened up for visitors.

We want to visit them. They are awesome.



Tom Scott is planning a trip for Sunday June 19th.


From Queenborough, in Kent, a two-hour train ride away. Carpooling may be an option, but given the delays of previous trips it may be best to go for a scheduled train.


The Project Redsand trust have recently started giving tours.

The boat trip will cost approximately £75 per head, including boarding the forts. £38 of that needs to be paid immediately, in order that the boat can be booked.

Read more here:

Who's going

We need 12 people to book the boat. If there's loads of people we'll try to organise more than one trip.

All places are currently taken. To get on the waiting list, go here: [1]

The following people were interested:

  • Jonty
  • Russ
  • Tom S
  • Alex P
  • Mark
  • b3cft x 3
  • JimM
  • Zac
  • Elliot x 2
  • hendry AT iki dot FI
  • Kelvin Luck
  • Dan W + 1
  • Karen Friar (karen DOT friar AT zdnet DOT co DOT uk)
  • Rupert Goodwins (rupertg at gmail dot com) will bring memorial shortwave transmitter to remember glory days of pirates
  • Matt Sheret (matthew dot sheret at gmail dot com)
  • David S (davids hat dsingleton dots co dots uk)
  • Pete ( pgchamberlin at gmail ) x 2
  • Nick L
  • Jon Stuart ( directo at lemonia dot org ) [ non-but-soon-to-be-member ]
  • Nigle
  • Ian Ozsvald (ian AT ianozsvald DOT com - of BuildBrighton) x 2
  • Tom P (palfrey AT tevp DOT net)
  • Hikey - probably x 2
  • Martin Williams (g4grs AT hotmail DOT com)
  • Wren x 2 (wren dot montgomery AT gmail dot com)
  • 4ndr3vv at gmail dot com
  • Kevan Mayor (cbf593a at gmail dot com)
  • Mike + 1
  • Kieran Kunhya (kieran at kunhya dot com)
  • asc

Everyone who was on the list by 9pm on 16th May got an email asking if they want one of the remaining places. Feel free to continue to add your email below the line, but it won't help you with this current trip!

If enough people sign up we'll organise another trip. Which is highly likely, given the amount of interest.

Red Sands Trip