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Contents around Tue Feb 7 21:55:10 GMT 2012

(I want to install FreeMcBoot on the PS2 Memory Cards)

  • 1x PS2 controller.
  • "Slim" black Playstation 2 SCPH-79003 with AV lead and PSU.
  • "Fat" silver SCPH-50003 with AV and power lead.
  • PS2 AV lead.
  • 3x 8mb Playstation Memory Cards.
  • 1x Guitar Hero wireless dongle.
  • PS2 game: "Tony Hawks Proving Ground".
  • ZX spectrum tape: Chess.
  • 3way Composite video and audio switcher.
  • Atari "TV Games" with "Gregory" Sticker.
  • Radica MegaDrive in a box, requires 6V PSU.
  • 2x Composite Video Lead.
  • S-Video lead.
  • Sega Mega drive Console needs 10V DV 1.2A adapter.
  • Talk-o-tron robot.
  • Scart Cable.
  • Xbox PSU DPSN-186EB-1A.
  • Xbox with built in PSU.
  • Samsung DVD Player (Very large!!)


  • A quid went into the donation box.