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irccat is now running on Babbage, to help link IRC to things happening in the space

It's called robonaut. If you wish to add commands to it, drop scripts in /usr/share/irccat on Babbage.

Starting Robonaut

To start robonaut, from babbage run the following commands:

$ sudo su
$ screen -dr irccat
$ /home/jonty/irccat/

Robonaut Commands

Robonaut will respond to the commands below either publicly in the irc channel or privately. To get robonaut to respond publicly simply send one of the commands prefixed with a ? e.g. ?beacons. For a private response use /msg e.g. /msg robonaut ?dc

Really useful commands

  • beacons - Flashes lights within the space to attract attention.
  • board - Change message on the message board, syntax ?board[ message]. An empty message will clear the board.
  • commands - robonaut will PM you a list of all available commands.
  • laser - current laser status. To change status ?laser <message>
  • makerbot - current makerbot status. To change status ?makerbot <message>

Not so useful commands

  • 8ball - Will make a decision for you.
  • access - Provides a link to the wiki, with info about how to get there, access and facilities.
  • ampm - Tells you if it's morning or afternoon. Was created when everyone used to say "Morning" whenever they came on IRC.
  • babel - Uses Google translate to automatically translate text. Use [from]|[to] before the text to specify language.
  • beacon - a symlink to beacons.
  • cancer - simply prints hi..., as people who abuse the bot are the cancer that's killing IRC - marked for possible archiving.
  • cc - generates credit card numbers that pass the MOD 10 check (Luhn formula). Pass [visa|mastercard|amex] for certain formats.
  • cz - enter a postcode to determine if it's inside the congestion zone
  • coffee - provides a link to a google map of coffee shops in London from
  • date - provides the Never Ending September Date
  • daysofar - links to the last 24hrs of webcam feed from the space.
  • dc - gives details of the next dc4420 event.
  • define - pass in a word to get the definition from
  • df - gives the available drive space.
  • donate - points to github and the source of a donation page, until it's re-added to the members page.
  • echo - simply echos whatever you type after ?echo
  • fight - followed by two words, or two strings, the two are compared by their google hit count.
  • following - lists how many people are following the group on twitter
  • hax - links to the Hacking Is Easy video.
  • hits - uses google to give a hit count to the word or string.
  • howmuch - a short text on how much membership costs.
  • info - links to this wiki
  • join - links to the group signup page.
  • journeytoalphacentauri - it's a gamer thing, see for more info.
  • kegerator - echos the status of the beer kegerator.
  • keyholders - provides a list of the current keyholders, as listed on the wiki.
  • klingon - gets robonaut to speak "Klingon".
  • last24 - links to the last 24 hours of space webcam activity.
  • lastseen - followed by an irc nickname will give you the time that a person last used their rfid to enter the space.
  • layzor - gives information about the laser cutter.
  • lightsoff - turns the DMX lights off.
  • lightson - turns the DMX lights on and sets the colour using html colour codes.
  • load - gives the cpu load average over the last minute, ideally below 1.00
  • man - prints "You must be kidding".
  • map - followed by a place, gives a link to google maps.
  • meet - gives a link for the weekly meetings page.
  • members - links to the members page on the wiki.
  • meter - provides a reading from the power meter Electricity meter. Useful ones: ?meter UA and ?meter KW
  • ning - shouts MORNING!
  • notify - displays a message on the board within the space. Will scroll if above 21 characters, and maximum is 162.
  • phone - gives the telephone number for the space. If a domain name is passed, attempts (naively) to find its phone number.
  • ping - if robonaut is alive it'll respond with a pong!
  • procexp - links to a download of procexp.exe the MS Windows process explorer.
  • ps - gives the time until the next pub standards meet.
  • quote - links to the quotes page on the wiki.
  • ragelevel - sets the current level of rage in IRC / the space on a traffic light
  • reports - links to the the foundation's monthly reports.
  • rm - Deleting the Internet.
  • roulette - play some Russian roulette.
  • setBoard - see notify.
  • shutup-dev
  • slamthedoor - just what you'd expect from a slammed door - *BANG*
  • spies - lists how many people are watching the webcams.
  • summon-dev
  • swap - Links to the wiki page where members have things to swap.
  • time - Gives the date and time rather accurately
  • unwatch
  • users - Lists who is logged in to babbage
  • vrms
  • watch
  • waxon - Wax off!
  • where - Provides a link to the wiki, with info about how to get there, access and facilities.
  • who
  • wiki - Searches the wiki for a particular phrase/page name
  • workshops - Links to the workshops page on the wiki
  • tube - gets the London Underground status - PM ?tube list for a list of available lines
  • morning - plays the first few seconds of Edvard Grieg - Morning Mood, and cycles the light through dawny colours, and sets the board to say "Good Morning, hackspace"
  • patriot - initiates enforced patriotism mode