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Personal Items

  • Members are allowed to store personal items in the space, but they must be kept in one of the plastic boxes, labeled with your name. One box per member.
  • Larger/more items are allowed with permission. They should be labeled as yours (e.g. with a post-it).

Donating/Loaning Hardware

  • If you're leaving something and you would rather it was not mercilessly ripped apart, please label it accordingly.
  • Likewise, if something looks expensive or useful please don't mercilessly rip it apart without asking first.


  • Workbenches should be completely clean when you leave - be considerate for the next user. Please put tools back where you found them.
  • Any items left on a workbench overnight become fair game.
  • All cups and plates you have used should be washed before leaving the space.


We have a finite amount of space, so we will inevitably have to throw away what seems like useful stuff. To get rid of the clutter, follow the following easy steps:

  1. Label that it's going to be disposed, with a date four weeks from now
  2. Announce it on the mailing list. Wait 2 weeks
  3. Announce it again on the mailing list. Wait 2 weeks
  4. Announce it one last time on the mailing list.
  5. If it's electronic equipment that might have useful stuff in, rip out the electronics and put it in the electronic junk box
  6. Otherwise, dispose of it