Silly Science Tuesday

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We use to do a lot of dicking about with silly science stuff, remember the tuesdays where we'd mess with smoke/lasers or sending cupcakes through vac tubes? We should totally make that a regular thing.


once a month we run a silly science workshop, it gives us 3 weeks to plan it and grab materials. We set a theme beforehand, brainstorm ideas for it. On the day we turn up and grab a table block in the main room for it


  • Lasers - smoke, lasers and other silliness
  • dry ice - theres already a big wiki page on ideas for this we could try
  • cloud chamber - tomw is building a small cloud chamber to mess with radioactivity, we could do more things related to it
  • Rule 0 Violations - Firebreathing with cornflour, hand-holdable fire balls etc.