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Differences between stock Silvertail lasercutter with Lasercut53 software and current lasercutter set-up with smoothiware controller and Lightburn software

  • No need to download to the cutter
  • The equivalent of 'Run Box' to get the extent of your cut is the 'Frame' button.
  • Ignore the controls on the cutter itself. The LCD panel currently does nothing. We're working on providing a front panel interface.
  • Z axis adjustment for beam focus is via software on the PC, choose a smallish step size and keep pressing the up/down z axis buttons. Little steps take it easy!
    • Now also available via the LCD front-panel control. Choose 'Jog' on the menu with the twisty knob and click down to select, then choose the Z axis. Again, choose a small step size on the z axis.
  • Lightburn tutorials
  • For logging and payment, the time taken for the cut is displayed in the Console tab in the software. Log cuts in the Google Forms page as before, and pay with cash as before.
  • If you E-Stop the lasercutter, you may need to restart Lightburn to re-detect it.
  • The Home is still the right rear
  • The Origin is now the left front (engineering norm). X axis towards the right, Y axis towards the back.
  • Comm port settings should be set to auto and Hackspace laser
  • Power levels might need a bit of adjustment. Do a small test cut first to check that the settings work for your material.
  • ACnode has been rebuilt and re-located on the front-right of the laser cutter. Now de-powers the smoothieboard via relay.

Silvertail A0 Laser Cutter/Upgrade Notes from HPC to stock Silvertail