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Swap time for personal and non-profit projects. Don't swap skills for commercial projects, the tax man will hunt you down and eat you.

Luke Testa aka lukemtesta


Electronic Engineering Grad specializing in parallel computing, computer visions and computer graphics. Industrial experience in wireless comms.

  • Programming: C/C++, Java, C#, openCV, openGL, CUDA, POSIX, MATLAB, SCPI
  • Maths: High-Level Engineering Mathematics (Algebra, Matrices and Geometry).
  • Hardware Experience: 4 years+
  • Embedded: mBed, Arduino, Rasberry Pi


  • Anyone with interesting project ideas (visions/graphics) or someone who wants someone to teach them one or two things about being a real techy geek.
  • I cant draw for shit so helpful artists would make my head blow.
  • More geeky stuff: UAV projects
    • Unity Developers/openGL developers for graphics projects
    • Control systems for avionics
    • Embedded devs with (I^2)C or BlueTooth/RF familiarity

Darren McDonald aka Renski


  • IT Security / Pen Testing / Hacking
    • I will be tempted to involve the police if anyone asks me to do anything remotely shady. Don't even bother asking.
  • Programming
    • Good with C, C++, Java SE, PHP, HTML
    • Just about manage in C#, JavaScript, Asm x86, Python, Perl
  • Operating Systems
    • Can setup and configure pretty much anything on Linux, BIND/Apache/LibVirt/SSHD/SMTP/etc



  • Help making my personal website look more pretty and organised, but only using static content such as HTML/CSS. No dynamic code.


  • I've no artistic talent whatsoever, so I'm unable to make anything remotely pleasing to the eye.

Hi Darren, I'm still quite new to web design but could probably help you out there, pretty good with css. I'm in need of some php help. Only just joined so not sure how all this works.

Jim MacArthur aka srimech


  • Low level programming
    • x86, ARM and POWER assembler and things related to code generation (compilers, DBTs and JITs)
    • C and C++ (as long as you don't need exceptions)
    • C for AVR processors
    • Older Microchip PIC asm (PIC16F87*)
  • Some Perl, Java and Python, not a guru though
  • OpenSCAD and PyGame


  • Someone to teach him how to make Turkish coffee well
  • Lathe training

Alex Coulcher aka moonthug


  • Good At (and used commercially)
    • PHP[ZendFramework, CodeIgniter], c/c++[Arduino, OpenFrameworks, OpenCV etc], Java[SE, Processing], as3[Flash, Flex, AIR], JS[node.js, jQuery], HTML/CSS...
  • Pretty good at
    • c#[mono], Objective-c
  • Non development stuff
    • Strong design background


  • A fun, creative, crazy, (design output based), projects
  • To learn hardware/AVR development

Hey Moonthug, I don't know if you're still on the look out for crazy projects. I'm a tech loving stand up and have a fun thing I'm looking for a collaborator on. Don't know if it is crazy enough for you. How do we get in touch? All the best, Sanderson

Maciek Baron aka Maciek (/ˈmatɕɛk/)


  • IT Security / Pen Testing / Sec Evaluating / Hacking
    • Don't ask me to hack your friend's website / Facebook profile
  • Web dev skills
    • Javascript (jQuery, Node.js etc.), PHP, Python, HTML etc..
  • Setting up Unix machines (most experience with Linux, especially Debian based distros)
  • Cooking
    • No seriously, I can teach you some cool/geeky cooking techniques


  • Learn hardware development (electronics)

Tom Hodder aka tolland (


  • IT
    • infrastructure
    • Linux/Java/chef
  • Medicinal Chemistry (current student of)


  • Arduino project skills
  • sensors/sensing components
  • data acquisition to flash

I am working on some research ideas that have data logging requirements. I would like to team up with some electronics hackspacers for some collaborative work.



  • CAD
  • Parametric modelling (grasshopper, revit) - basic
  • Online crate digging (mp3s etc)
  • Ableton Live
  • Great salads


  • Joinery
  • Workshop skills
  • MaxMSP / MaxForLive
  • Arduino / Midi controller tinkering projects



  • Optimization and Debugging of Code
  • Mathematics and Algorithms
  • Databases
  • Physics including Quantum mechanics and Relativity
  • Degree Level Electronics and Programming of Micro-controllers


  • Small Stepper Motors (*2)
  • Small 3cm Wide 10cm Long Piece of Artificial Fur
  • A Bass Guitarist to Test Pre-amplifier Design
  • Interesting Problems to Have a Think about Solving

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