Sonic Hackers

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Sonic Hackers

A semi-organised, semi-regular group of London Hackspace members who enjoy, dabble or are intrigued in doing interesting things with sound.


Next meeting: Sunday March 6.

Approximately monthly on weekends.

Last gathering was on Sunday 30th Jan and involved some PureData discussion & demonstration, a bit of analogue noodling, controlling a Doepfer Dark Energy from Pd which was modulated by OSC messages sent over wi-fi from Junxion interpreting WiiMote motions (Rube Goldberg eat your ears out), and misc chat.

The Hackers & Their Proclivities

  • Anthony - analogue & digital hardware, (semi-)modular madness, software implementations of DSP algorithms, ChucK hacks, music tech industry jadeness, cable wrangling, occasional DJ & techno/ambient/experimental producer, ranting about digital aliasing and zipper noise, music technology & techno musicology -
  • PhilJones - unusual software instruments / music toys /

Possible Projects

  • Building a Leslie cabinet
  • Circuit bending something
  • Collaborating on some cool musical software
  • Constructing something monstrous from miscellaneous bits of small equipment
  • Sonification: making music from doorbot's logs, webcam output or similar?
  • Repairing/renovating/revamping broken music tech

General Topics of Interest

  • Sound art
  • Knowledge sharing (synthesis, composition, production, experimentation, etc)
  • Innovative control systems
  • Making the sonic sum of gear more than the parts