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(Food & drink)
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* Hacker cake contest - think: [http://www.geekologie.com/2008/10/08/mb-cake-1.jpg circuits], [http://karenm77.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/robot-cake1.jpg robots], [http://resource.mmgn.com/Gallery/full/Y89CZJWQ.jpg gaming]
* Hacker cake contest - think: [http://www.geekologie.com/2008/10/08/mb-cake-1.jpg circuits], [http://karenm77.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/robot-cake1.jpg robots], [http://resource.mmgn.com/Gallery/full/Y89CZJWQ.jpg gaming]
* BBQ - [[User:Solexious|Solexious]]
* BBQ - [[User:Solexious|Solexious]]
** we should shape the bbq food in geeky ways - tomw
* crazy icecream cocktails
* crazy icecream cocktails

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Calendar events

Media coverage

  • Blog coverage:
    • I'll get on to the Londonist and Makezine to write a blog post nearer the time (2-3 weeks?). We got a really good response from them in the past. --Teabot
      • I spoke to Matt from Londonist a while back about Hackspace so I'll drop him an email. He promised to come along at some point! Russ
    • Also try the Thingiverse blog - could link to our things
    • Suppliers' blogs: Earthshine, Oomlout
    • Others: Any sewing/knitting/lock-picking blogs?
  • Special guest appearance: London Hackspace visitor Cory in his capacity as the author of 'Makers' - perhaps cutting/desoldering a ribbon cable to open the new unit :-)
  • We've received a little interest from mainstream media in the past. Should we approach these organisations to try and get some coverage? Perhaps even more relevant now given the 'siliconroundabout' hype.



  • We could improve accessibility for new members with more interior signage. We could label areas, large tools, projects - perhaps have the signs on the ceiling for easier navigation of the space.
  • Produce a map of the space and time table of events so that visitors can find their own way around if they so wish.
  • Better exterior signage to get people to the space would also help - more signs at the entrance to Cremer Business Centre for example.
  • Ensure that the Makerbot and Laser cutter are fully operational


  • Would be nice to have some kind of project display area to showcase what kind of things are done at the space. Projects with immediate appeal:
    • Anything Kinect related
    • The Quadcopter build
    • Lasercut stuff - There have been some beautiful builds lately: puzzle box, Tetris/Mario pieces etc.
    • 3D printed stuff - some members are building RepRaps currently?
    • The laser projector, with or without the laser harp


  • Last year's event was a little unstructured. We could make it more inviting with a running timetable of short talks, presentations, and demonstrations. This would reduce time-spent with individual demonstrations and introductions. Sample topics:
    • Tools (Laser cutter, Makerbot)
    • What is an Arduino etc.
    • How to pick a lock
    • What is Bio-hacking
    • Projects (?)
  • Might be nice to highlight some of the other skills practiced at the Space for broader appeal:
    • Sewing
    • Knitting
    • Bio-hacking
    • Lock picking

Sample schedule

Please note: I completely made this up - so it may be crap. Assuming 15 minute slots giving a 15 minute break between talks:

When Title Who
14:00 London Hackspace - an introduction
14:30 Arduino overview - an example project (the board?)
15:00 Rapid prototyping with a Laser Cutter
15:30 3D printing with the Makerbot
16:00 <insert something here>
16:30 Bio-hacking - A short introduction
17:00 Lock-picking as a sport
17:30 BBQ begins

Promotional materials

  • Free Hackspace keyrings?
  • nametags!! Not only are they cool if lasercut but they'll be handy for new people - tomw

Food & drink

  • Licensed bar
  • Unusual beers
  • Hacker cake contest - think: circuits, robots, gaming
  • BBQ - Solexious
    • we should shape the bbq food in geeky ways - tomw
  • crazy icecream cocktails


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