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A semi-regular event where we take some time off from all the busy hacking on projects and hack the space instead. A chance to clean up the mess, reorganise how we store our tools and materials, optimise the space layout, restock consumables, and throw out things that aren't useful to anyone.

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Next one: Saturday 16 July, 11am-midnight (two weekends before the next open day.)

Based on the suggestion in the open day thread:

  • start with a reminder (email & tweet): make sure to label & store your stuff properly, cleanup session coming up. This will give everyone a chance to rescue their crap beforehand.
  • discuss proposals for any bigger infrastructure changes on the infrastructure list (new shelving, new workspace layout, etc.) This ensures that we are well-prepared, and avoids surprises.
  • early July: send out invitation to cleanup & space organising day (via email, IRC, tweet, Fax etc)

And then:

  • mid-July: cleanup & space organising day on a suitable weekend or two (best a Saturday in case we need to buy stuff)
  • 31 July: partay


  • Sorting out the big pile in the middle of unit 23
  • Assessing the state of consumables, see also: Components. Esp:
    • Fixing and fittings: screws etc
    • Electronics components
    • Kitchen roll, toilet paper, laundry
  • Improving the use of storage
    • Misc boxes in unit 23
    • Tools racking
  • Creating a map of storage areas
  • Improving the labelling of tools & storage areas, clean instructions on waste disposal
  • Assessing the state of tools
  • Cleaning. See also: Chores.

Space Refactoring

Will mostly be dealt with separately, because this should be planned well and work could already start before the day. Any bigger changed need to be discussed on the infrastructure mailing list first. Here are the more active proposals:

  • ...