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London Hackspace members are allocated one plastic box each for storage of personal items. Your personal box can be considered 'off-limits' to other members and visitors - within reason. In certain circumstances you may be able to store items outside of your personal box.

Please don't take a box if you don't intend to use it or, if you empty your box please return it to the stack. Space is limited and if/when we run out of boxes empty boxes are considered fair game (if you take the last box please tell the list so we can order more).

Storage boxes must have a label printed from the Membership_Kiosk (ideally both front and back) which will have your membership ID and a QR code, and should be left in the basement storage area.

It goes without saying that the space should not be held responsible for any items left in your personal box.



  • Dimensions (H × W × D)
    • Maximum external dimensions: 260 mm × 360 mm × 460 mm
    • Maximum usable internal rectangular volume: 235 mm × 275mm × 310 mm (46% of external dimensions! sub-optimal)
  • Volume: 30 L
  • The item: BigDug, VUB30



  • If a box is found without labelling identifying the member it will be disposed of after three weeks.
    • Best effort will be made to identify the member and give them three weeks notice. If they cannot be found the main mailing list will be notified.
  • If a box is found belonging to an ex-member, they will be given three weeks notice to remove the contents and then it will be placed in the 3-week bin.
  • If a large number of unidentifiable boxes are being disposed of, inform a trustee who will email all members.