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The naming scheme of physical systems in the hackspace (hostname) is "people involved in computing" [1] [2]. This includes pioneers in similar relevant fields. Please note that pronunciation and spelling difficulties may rule out names like Dijkstra, Kay and Hoare.

The naming scheme of virtual machines or containerised systems is to be close to its purpose. An example of a VM passing messages via MQTT might be "mqtt-gateway" or "message-hub" instead of "vanrossum"

Old names

Names used on systems no longer in use. These can be recycled with care after a sensible period of time.

Current names

machines should be available as from inside the space (just hostname should work). some machines are available from the outside as or

Off-site Servers

  • Turing Bitfolk VM - sensitive public services (membership DB, website, LDAP), UK Hackspace Foundation web site
  • Church DigitalOcean droplet - new machine for sensitive public services
  • Knuth DigitalOcean droplet - less-sensitive public services (wiki)


  • Bell OLD SPACE - Asterisk IP Telephony Server
  • Equipment/Blanton Network CCTV Server
  • Booch OLD SPACE emoncms power monitoring raspberry pi thing [3]
  • Boole main router, dhcp, dns, ntp, syslog etc. [4]
  • Dennis - Acnode debuging box
  • Hamming runs the board above the frontdoor and ?sixteen and the big clock. [5]
  • Equipment/Landin hypervisor for VMs
    • Chomsky new general purpose box (replacement for Babbage)
    • ACServer ACnode server
    • Adminstuff a poorly but accurately named server for admin "stuff"
    • Services Importantish services that were on babbage, robonaut etc


  • Torvalds new 3D Printing Machine
  • Joy Laser Cutter workstation running Windows
  • Tesla public shared Linux workstation on the 1st floor.

Potential names

Please be cautious when adding to this list. Pronunciation and spelling difficulties may rule out names like Dijkstra, Kay and Hoare. Make sure that the name can be pronounced, written unambiguously from hearing it, and does not sound like another word. This probably means puns are unsuitable.

Potential names on the edge of the scheme

Don't be afraid to use these, especially if they're meaningful to you, but please try to include a short justification for why the Hackspace should care about them.

Potential names not from the scheme

  • Bubbles, Buttercup & Blossom
  • FuzzyWhif
  • heck-a-tombical plus minus
  • Micropig/Spiderpig
  • NPR (No Prescription Required)
  • Pong/Bong