Table saw training

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Table saw training.

Please add your name to the list below and indicate days/times that you could attend. I will most likely not be able to please everyone but will try to arrange something that will accommodate as many as possible.

I would like to restrict each session to four participants but have no objection to doing two sessions on the same day/night if demand is high.

Monday and Thursday are relatively quiet so might be better to get access to the saw without inconveniencing other workshop users.

The list

T Emplate Mon A/E - Tue A/E - Wed A/E - Thu A/E - Fri A/E - Sat A/E - Sun A/E

Cut/Paste/edit Ms Emplate`s entry above as per example below

Tom P Onklok Mon A/E - Wed A - Thu A/E - Fri E - Sat A

PaddyD Mon E - Tue E - Wed A/E - Thu A/E - Fri A/E

AviB Mon E - Tue A/E - Wed E - Thu A