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Ignore this page until I have finished writing the shell. This page is nowhere near ready for public use!

Thanx Phil


Headline text

This page is very much a "Work in progress" and is intended to bring together in one place enough information to enable members to arrange training for those tools that require an induction. There are many gaps that need filling, Trainers and Maintainers please add or amend as you see fit. A template is provided for convenience and consistency of presentation.

Certain tools and equipment are only available to members after an induction or training session. This is to ensure that they are competent to operate the equipment safely and to prevent damage to tools through inadvertent misuse. Training and induction sessions are usually conducted by another member experienced in using the item.

Inductions range in length from a five minute chat to assess the competence of a previously experienced person to sessions of an hour or more for the more complicated tools such as the laser cutter, 3D printer or lathe.

Also listed here are the people to approach for advice about tools and equipment that have no mandatory induction requirement.

If you would like to be trained for any of the tools listed here, contact the trainers as advised under the "Training" section for each tool.

Mandatory induction

Laser Cutter Training sessions are is advertised on the mailing list, w 3D Printer




Industrial Sewing Machine

Vinyl cutter

Pl(a)ywood Tools

Table Saw

Advice about other stuff

To be continued.... In the meantime please ignore this unfinished page :)