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* 2. Paddy Duncan
* 2. Paddy Duncan
* 3. Giac0m0
* 3. Giac0m0
* 4.
* 4. Martin Clarke
==Training fee==
==Training fee==

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This page is used to track training sessions for the Equipment/Ultimakers. The prerequisities for the Induction are covered here; https://wiki.london.hackspace.org.uk/view/Ultimakers-Induction

Training is given Wednesdays or Sundays and is available to London Hackspace members with 3d printing experience. You must pre-book your place below. If you have not yet joined London Hackspace, please do so before joining training!

Space is limited and you must reserve a place on this wiki page when a session is available - watch the Mailing List for announcements. Reserving a place is on a first-come-first-served basis, so you'll need to be quick.

If you can't attend your training session please remove your name from the roster and inform the Mailing List.

Next Sessions

please note the name you used to join LHS.

Training is £5 and is payable at the start of the session. (see below for what we are planning to spend the money on)

25/10/15 @ 18:30 4 places available;

  • 1. John Perkins
  • 2. Sergio Sieni
  • 3. Jan Szumiec
  • 4. Dean Forbes

28/10/15 @ 20:30 4 places available;

  • 1. Martin Bohling
  • 2. Dan O'Connor
  • 3. Sasha Afanasieva
  • 4.

01/11/15 @ 18:30 4 places available;

  • 1. Zerahiah A
  • 2. Paddy Duncan
  • 3. Giac0m0
  • 4. Martin Clarke

Training fee

The first £50 of training fees are going towards paying for the acnode parts (2 x TIVA, 2 x PN532 Rfid card, 2 x Solid State relay)

After that, along with the filament fee, any fees collected are going towards a pledge for buying further 3d-printing kit for the Hackspace. As the Ultimakers are on loan, it might be an idea to buy another Ultimaker and/or a filament extruder.