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Hello! I'm Heather aka Akki14 on IRC and here. You can just call me Akki or Mrs. S or Heather. It's pronounced Ah-key and it's from Jane Yolen's Dragons Blood novels. I liked the character because she's a bit headstrong and independent which I always hoped to be (and may slowly be getting to that point after a decade or so).
I have lots of different interests, ranging from domestic, to science, to the arts.
== Future Projects ==
Continually helping on [http://wiki.london.hackspace.org.uk/view/Events/Food_Hacking Food Hacking] because it's fun
== Projects Finished/WIP ==
* [[Project:Glow Algae|Glow algae aka pyrocystis lunula]]
* [[Project:6ft T-Rex|6ft T-Rex Skeleton]]
* [[Project:Infinity Star Box|Infinity Star Box]]
* [[Project:Hackalicious Beard!|Hackalicious Beard]]
* [[Project:Drama Llama|Drama Llama!]]
* [[Project:Suggestions Box|Suggestions Box]]
* [[Project:Hacking RFID for jewellery|Hacking RFID for jewellery]]
* [[Project:Akki's Cat5 Bracelet|Akki's Cat5 Bracelet]]
* Light-up UV light magic wand
* Little table contraption for my UV light that I use for making cyanotypes.
* Giant Wooden Crochet hook
==Gallery of Stuff==
File:Lightwand1.jpg| UV light magic wand
File:Uvtable.jpg| UV light exposure table/holder
File:Cat5braceletAkki.jpg| Cat5 Bracelet
File:Starbox-yellowtest.jpg| Starbox (In progress)
File:Nyancatcake.jpg| Nyan Cat Cake
File:Stupidcake1.jpg| Here's Your Stupid Cake
File:Solbeard1-sm.jpg| Hackalicious Beard
File:Dramallama2.jpg| Drama Llama!!
== Box Location ==
To be updated when relabelling occurs.

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