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  • Home automation junkie
  • Linux tinkering
  • Technical monkey shining
  • Buying something, opening it, putting it back together better
  • Home robotics

Stuff being made:

  • Helicopter spy system
  • Home automation installation touchscreen panel system
  • Wireless (internet, cellphone etc) controlled robot tank
  • A laser cut barrel lock with key
  • A remote control ball
  • The numeric card
  • Omni Wheels
  • Webby vivarium lightsource, temperature and humidity monitoring and control system
  • Hackspace Bin System
  • Vivarium "openstreet maps" system (route tracking, monitors distance traveled and auto-generates map)
  • Fact or Factoid

Stuff to be made:

  • Pan and Tilt DSLR system for panorama photos
  • Old school mechanical cuckoo clock
  • A record player
  • A box with dome
  • Another ball
  • Handcuffs
  • Da Vinci Inventions
  • Vivarium auto-feeder
  • Vivarium IR lighting system

Stuff made:

  • The Goat Card
  • Vivarium Heat Lamp Holder
  • Jewelery Tree
  • Online QRCode Hack Generator
  • The Christmas Labeller
  • iPhone app for home automation (media centre, lights, security system, etc)
  • Vivarium monitoring system
  • Interwebnet servo/led controller
  • Ubuntu ported to various devices
  • Laser Cut Combination Lock Box
  • smsGateway
  • Nanode Acrylic Case
  • Internet and iPhone app controlled roving bot with a 5 degrees of freedom arm, utilizing an arduino:
  • Armbot
Red Sands Trip