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I am looking at purchasing a Hydraulic Pipe Bender for the space

Pledge leader: Calum

The item

  • <>
  • <This is a fairly portable, fairly in-expensive model of pipe bender that I have some experience with. Most notable features is that it will bend pipe suitable for automotive use (roll cages, motorbike frames etc). It should compliment the bredth of tools in the workshop and I'm sure that many people will be able to make use of it!>

Budget estimation

  • <£109.98 exc VAT and £131.98 inc VAT>
  • <so either £10 from 13 members or £13 from 10 members (including myself)>


  • <Bends pipe from 1/2" to 2" BSP to 180 degrees (will bend thick wall, 2mm or more, pipes upto around 50mm outside diameter)>

Additional information

  • <With some practice you could make something pretty useful...>


  • £11.98 -- Calum Millbank

Running total: £11.98

Approximate target: £131.98