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(Work in progress tutorial on inkscape: Make it wiki-syntax so it's nice.)
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== Interests ==
== Interests ==
*Reverse engineering the laser cutter software
*nodejs based social thingmy
*Augmented Reality
*Augmented Reality
*Human-computer interface/wearable computers
*Human-computer interface/wearable computers

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  • Reverse engineering the laser cutter software
  • nodejs based social thingmy
  • Augmented Reality
  • Human-computer interface/wearable computers
  • Random silly projects
  • Cutting Stuff with lasers
  • Odd low-level security software
  • Machine Learning
  • Weird Governance schemes
  • Shiny things

Work in progress tutorial on inkscape

It is a bit of a pain in the ass to get inkscape to output something useful to laser cut if you are doing anything marginally complex.

Trace Bitmap is your friend

  1. Use A4 size. Some people swear by this to get the dimensions right.
  2. Objects such as Text are not exported. Convert them to paths Paths->Object to paths.
  3. Different bits of the svg are not aligned correctly. Select all then Path-> Combine to make it all one object. Then use a dxf editing program to put the different bits of the object in different layers. As the laser cutting software is not the best for doing this.