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Hi, I'm Alexandre Coninx, aka Endy. EndyFourbe on IRC. endy at viletfourbe dot org by mail.

Stuff I want to do at the hackspace

Stuff I'm interested in

  • Autonomous robotics, bioinspired artificial intelligence (well that's actually my job)
  • Assistive robotics, exoskeletons, etc. (not much experience with this but want to explore) Wearable interfaces, too.
  • Computer security in general
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • NFC and contactless technology
  • Mind hacking and neurohacking (BMI and various applied psycho/neuroscience)
  • Philosophy of mind, constructivism, transhumanism
  • 3D printing and home fabbing (no real experience but want to learn/hack)
  • Homebrewing and more generally cooking

Stuff I know about (and can give a hand / teach)

  • Linux debian (10 years experience, not a professional sysadmin but can probably make about anything work)
  • Networking (the whole tcp/ip/ethernet stuff, routing protocols, DNS system, etc.)
  • Programming (Mostly C, C++, Python, PHP, Urbi)
  • Machine learning, autonomous behaviors, bioinspired AI, sensorimotor theories. Some computer vision too
  • Some electronics (OK with a soldering iron, already used a SMT placement machine & reflow oven a few times)
  • Some computational neuroscience (if anyone cares)
  • Beer brewing (not as good as our resident brewers)
  • Some things on NFC/RFID hacking
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies (how they work, why you should be interested, how to use it safely)

Stuff I want to learn at the space

  • Using the wonderful tools of the hackspace, especially
    • Metal working tools
    • 3D printer
    • Laser cutter
  • CAD and mechanical engineering in general
  • Lockpicking ?
  • Anything else that fits my interests or is useful for my projects, really