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jt, Jon, Jonathan.

I normally use jt, with no capitalisation, but it's not actually important :) My mother calls me Jonathan - if you want to get my attention likely immediately - use that name.

A late starter - learning electronics and arduino. Outside of here I'm about to start a metal work for sculptors course (no, I'm not a sculptor - yet). I then want to put all that together. Of course, there is a moving sculptures thing I want to do early 2013.

I'm about to start working through the Make: Electronics book, to teahc myself some basic electronics - if anyone is interested in how this goes, or in partnering up for encouragement - let me know - jtowler gmail com

Skills - not may useful, I suspect. I'm a software tester (started in hardware, but that was a long time ago). Not some process will save the world everything must be documented brain dead zombie - does it work, how does it fail, is it really that important, that kind of thing.

Apart from that - I can draw a bit, but not great, I can take a reasonable photo, I know a little bit about finance (equity derivatives specifically). I know a little hypnotism - but have mainly used that on myself over the past five years or so (learnt at an NLP workshop with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna).

That's it for now.