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1. The old networking cabinet, replaced by the larger one above the sofa
2012-06-09 14.12.35.jpg
2. A couple of old bike wheels
Junk 2012-05-24 21.49.03.jpg
3. A cannon turret this can be chucked according to tgreer
Junk 2012-05-24 21.51.20.jpg
4. A box of random stuff belonging to Hipster and Tom W (the pipes have already been chucked)
Junk 2012-05-24 21.53.02.jpg
5. Some metal belonging to "Quimmus" with no expiry date sacrificed to the plasma cutter
Junk 2012-05-24 21.53.53.jpg
6. A CNC mill frame belonging to Olfin
Junk 2012-05-24 21.58.07.jpg
7. Some more random bits, including a garden hose
Junk 2012-05-24 21.58.14.jpg
8. Some metal railings
Junk 2012-05-24 22.00.17.jpg
9. Some wood off-cuts
Junk 2012-05-24 22.01.35.jpg
10. A "robot" belonging to hipster
Junk 2012-05-24 22.03.08.jpg
11. A lightbox that was meant to be finished by February
Junk 2012-05-24 22.07.10.jpg
12. Amit's speaker boxes, which were given reprieve in the last junk-space
Junk 2012-05-24 22.11.48.jpg
13. Some random wood
Junk 2012-05-24 22.15.12.jpg
14. Some random card
Junk 2012-05-24 22.15.36.jpg
15. Chicken wire this has been donated to the space
Junk 2012-05-24 22.16.46.jpg
16. A pile of wood belonging to Jacob
Junk 2012-05-24 22.29.01.jpg
17. PaulR's projector stand. This was in the last junk-space apparently this is used regularly, so will get a new DNH sticker
Kept 2011-11-02 20.14.04.jpg