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Interested in administration and organisation of the space, web projects, and computers.  Learning about Arduinos and electronics at the moment.
; Contacts: 07969 49 48 41
: roberthl on irc.freenode.net
; Interests/skills: Web development (using PHP)
: System administration
; Projects: [[Project:Inventory system|Inventory system]]
: [[Project:Open soft drinks|Open soft drinks]]
: [[Project:AlarmClock|Alarm clock]]
: [[Project:ServerHardwareAuction|Server hardware auctions]]
: [[News]]
; To do: Photograph all our major items of [[equipment]] and update the wiki
: Start the remaining [[Project:ServerHardwareAuction|server auctions]].
: Finish prototyping the zero-cross circuit for my [[Project:AlarmClock|alarm clock prototype]].
; [[Special:PrefixIndex/User:Robert/|Subpages]]
; See also: [http://rhl.me.uk/ Personal website]

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