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Subject: Your London Hackspace Membership

Hi <firstname>,

We're sending this email to let you know about the newly-expanded London Hackspace, and to ask if you could spare a little more subscription money.

At the start of January we took the lease on Unit 23 next door in Cremer Street, so our hackspace is now double the size. If you haven't been able to come along and see it, there's a birds-eye view of the new room here:

This is a huge improvement for the space: we're using Unit 23 as a big new workshop and storage area, which leaves the whole of our original space clear and free to use for workbenches. We'll shortly be installing a sizeable new kitchen in the old storage room for those who like to cook (and those who like food!).

There's one small issue, though. We've taken a pretty big step here, which increases our monthly expenses quite significantly. Our number of subscribers is climbing, but we're still short on funds. Our new budget is £4250/month and we're still only making £3100/month.

If all of our members increased their monthly payments by £7, we'd be breaking even again. If you're able to do so, please help us out. If we could do something to convince you to increase your monthly payment, let us know what it is.

Also, if you're free on Sunday February 6th, we'd love it if you dropped down to our space extension party - it should be fun!


Russ, Jonty, and everyone else at Hackspace.