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AKA Elliot




  • Robotics
  • Home lighting control
  • Home automation
  • Home AV control
  • Rotor based flight



nyan ̇
  • Construction of a more optimal member storage box.
Member storage box
  • spacensus - Measuring the occupancy of the hackspace.
Spacensus people counter In situe
  • Making some kind of LED flashy christmas cubaubles with the laser cutter (on Thingiverse)
Flashy things will go inside
LED strip is at top of photo
  • Constructing a ventilation system for my home AV cabinet (just an IKEA Bonde sideboard)

In progress

Apes err so

In my head

  • Caller ID -> Google lookup - Phone rings with unknown number, number looked up in Google, tells you who is calling.
  • Home made vacuum former
  • Ballbot remake - sourcing the omni-wheels is a problem - they are very cool wheels - almost the entire circumference rotates perpendicularly to the main axis of rotation.

Abandoned (for now!)

  • Candela - A Java API for controlling home lighting systems - initially those made by Rako.