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I'm a rocket scientist, dude! Well, almost. I did spent quite a chunk of my life devoted to particle physics. These days I still have a full-time job as quant developer, coding analytics in C++, but am transitioning to Ruby on Rails web developer. If you've done the jump before or have common interests, I'd love to talk to you!

Cool stuff

I am learning Ruby on Rails and web development at full speed at the moment, and plan to take the plunge soon. Also, I've been doing photography quite enthusiastically again lately.

  • Web development
  • Photography (film & digital)
  • Cycling
  • Arduinos
  • Amateur radio (Callsigns: M0GXD, EA4FYQ)
  • Math, finance & statistics
  • Outdoors, trekking, climbing
  • Coffee!
Current projects
  • Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS, JS, Sinatra. Like, getting good enough to make a living out of them.
  • Darkroom photography
Projects on hold
  • Play with the Z80 CPU
  • Design&build a vintage-style computer based on the Z80
  • Arduino stuff
Completed projects
  • Tiny web forum in Common Lisp
  • PockeTerm
At some point...
  • Homebrewing
  • Coffee roasting

My other selfs

••• twitter ••• github ••• flickr ••• StackOverflow CV ••• gmail:finitud •••