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Hello, I'm Ziad. Call me Zed it's easier to remember. By day I'm the CTO of a software company writing distributed trading systems for financial markets. By night I'm playing around doing all sorts of music related things.

My Music Software

A bunch of stuff, but my favs are:

  • Ableton Live
  • Trackers
  • C

My Music Hardware

  • Fender Strat guitar
  • Ibanez Artcore guitar
  • Cheapo fretless bass
  • WHD512 electronic drums
  • Roland MC-303 Groovebox
  • AKG C1000 mic
  • M-audio Keystation 61e controller
  • Korg microKontrol controller
  • Tapco usb soundcard
  • Phonic AM240D mixer
  • Boss Me-50 multi-effects pedal

My Programming Languages

  • C/C++ mainly
  • Java and clones
  • A ton of scripting languages (do they count?)

Music Hackspace Projects I Participate In

  • Soooooon

I'd like to Collaborate/Give a hand with...

  • User interfaces for musical instruments
  • Algorithmic composition
  • Visualisation
  • Music theory and craftsmanship
  • Playing instruments traditional or otherwise. Lets jam!

My Traditional Instruments

I play these:

  • Guitar (Jazz, Funk, Folk, Rock)
  • Piano
  • Drums (beginner)
  • Do a lot of singer/songwriter and improv stuff

My Websites/Projects

  • Last thing I released before getting sucked into my day job:

copyright 1998! niiice

  • Recently started uploading audio here: