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* [[RGBD]]
* [[RGBD]]
=== People ===
=== People ===

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The London Video Hack Space is a place to share ideas, thoughts, knowledge, technologies, processes and aesthetics on video. We welcome artists, engineers, students, and everyone interested in any video technology !!!

To make sure you're updated on what is going on please follow us on our new website http://www.videohackspace.org/

Mailing List

There is a dedicated mailing list to discuss our activities.

Follow us on Twitter @VideoHackSpace

Follow us on Facebook Videohackspace Group

Follow us on Google+ VideoHackSpace Page

Meetings and workshops

Meetings take place every TDB from 7pm onwards. They are usually happening TBD.

We start the meet ups with a short presentation (5/10 min). Talks can be a starting point for collaborations. Speakers are invited to come forward with work in progress, ongoing ideas, prototypes, technological issues, whatever they may find useful to share and get feedback on.

For the latest events visit [1]



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Creative Commons Licensed Samples

Open-source Libraries


Mechanical muscle-activity pickup for instrument control.

Theory & Tutorials

This wiki provides thorough reviews of the main types of sensing technologies used in musical applications, as well as tutorials on building sensor interfaces.