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== Within London ==
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=== Get an Oyster card ===
Not having an Oyster card is a tax on tourists.  A zone 1 single costs £4 without a card, but only £1.80 with one.  The amount you pay is capped at the price of an equivalent travelcard, so unless you get one with your rail ticket, it's guaranteed to save you money.
A card is a £5 deposit and doesn't expire.  You can also use it to open [[Door control system|our door]] if you're a member.
== Tips for travel from UK ==
=== Oxford ===
Get the [http://www.oxfordtube.com Oxford Tube] from the High St to Victoria Station.  It's slightly cheaper than the train, and includes free Wifi and power sockets at your seat.
Walk to Victoria station for the <span class="tube dis">District</span> line, and change at Whitechapel for Hoxton. Alternatively, get the <span class="tube vic">Victoria</span> line to Highbury & Islington, and approach from the north.  Both of these will take you on the new <span class="tube ovg">East London</span> line to directly outside the space.

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