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== Within London ==
== Within London ==
Advice for [[Laboratory_24/Getting_There getting to the space]] and surviving your trip.
=== Get an Oyster card ===
=== Get an Oyster card ===

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Within London

Advice for Laboratory_24/Getting_There getting to the space and surviving your trip.

Get an Oyster card

Not having an Oyster card is a tax on tourists. A zone 1 single costs £4 without a card, but only £1.90 with one. The amount you pay is capped at the price of an equivalent travelcard, so unless you get one with your rail ticket, it's guaranteed to save you money.

A card is a £5 deposit and doesn't expire. You can also use it to open our door if you're a member.

Tips for travel from UK


Get the Oxford Tube from the High St to Victoria Station. It's slightly cheaper than the train (unless you're buying a couple of weeks in advance), and includes free Wifi and power sockets at your seat.

Walk to Victoria station for the District line, and change at Whitechapel for Hoxton. Alternatively, get the Victoria line to Highbury & Islington, and approach from the north. Both of these will take you on the new East London line to directly outside the space.