Weekly Open Evenings

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Our weekly meeting, where people hang out and hack on projects, socialise and collaborate. Bring beer if you like.


Every Tuesday at 7:30pm-ish til 10pm-ish.


Our space in Barnsbury Terrace.


Everyone is welcome, both members and non-members. It tends to be a nice mix of regulars, irregulars and new faces.


  • Because you want to hack on projects but don't get time.
  • Because you need help with something.
  • Because you want to see the space and play with our gear before becoming a member.
  • Because we have tools you need to use that you don't have at home.
  • Because you just want to hang out with like minded people.
  • Because you want to get involved with the organisation of the London Hackspace.


We tend to end up in The Drapers Arms round the corner at around 10pm, or just before closing if we're really busy.

What happens?

THINGS happen. Someone fill this in with the type of things that get worked on.

  • Fixing of broken electronic things.
  • Printing of 3D things with the MakerBot (we hope).
  • Construction of various Arduino based projects.
  • Tinkering with a commercial home automation products.
  • Cheese eating.